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Akshar (अक्षर) - Something that cannot be destroyed, Imperishable ( जिसे नष्ट नहीं किया जा सकता )
Akshar (अक्षर) - Something that cannot be destroyed, Imperishable ( जिसे नष्ट नहीं किया जा सकता )

Shree Mangal Yantra for Planet Mars in Pure Copper 4" x 4"

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Hindi: मंगल यंत्र

What is a Mangal Yantra?

  • Mangal Yantra can be used if your Mangal (Mars) is weak or malefic. Weak Mangal makes one low in physical strength and energy. This yantra is used to remove the malefic effects of Mars/ Mangal.

What are some benefits of Mangal Yantra?

  • This yantra is believed to give best results for marriages and children. It is often used for delayed marriage remedy.
  • Mangal Yantra blesses us with good health and prevents us from accidents.
  • Magal Yantra keeps you calm and helps you concentrate better.

Important tips for Mangal Yantra

  • Mangal Yantra should be installed preferably on Tuesday. It should be worshipped on Tuesdays and preferable for 21 continuous Tuesdays.
  • Place this yantra in your office and home at both the places for better and quick results.
  • Mantra to be used while placing this yantra: ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं स: भौमाय नम:   

Understand Design/ Geometry and pattern of Mangal Yantra to get the required benefits:

  • There are two magic squares on the yantra which adds to the total of 21 from any direction, vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
  • These 21 names of Mangal dev listed below. These names along with the numbers in hindi are engraved on the yantra itself. Use these names for mangalgrah poojan.
  • Triangles (Trikona) in this yantra represent the holy trinity and the number 3.
  • Triangles also represent creative energy and peak of energy.
  • Crossed triangles or triangles in triangle represents different form of energies.

The actual product delivered to you would be similar to the one shown in the pictures above. There might be slight differences in the color (majorly due to monitor settings) and dimensions. If you have any questions about a particular color or shade, please contact us prior to ordering for clarification.

21 names:

मंगल लोहित अंगारक
भूमिपुत्र लोहिताक्ष भौम
ऋणहर्ता सामगानंकृपाकर यम
धनप्रदा धरात्मज सर्वरोगहारक
स्थिरासन कुंजा वृष्टिकर्ता
महाकाय भूमिजा पापहर्ता
सर्वकामार्थ साधक भूमिनंदन सर्वकामफलदाता