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Crystal Charging Selenite Plate with Metatron’s Cube

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Selenite charging plate can be used to cleanse, charge and amplify the energy of any crystal. It is one of the most powerful mineral that removes the negative energy of anything that is placed on it.

If not for charging any crystal, this mineral in itself can be used to remove stagnant and negative energy. The powerful positive vibrations of selenite mineral can help in opening up and activating crown and higher chakras. Hence, this stone helps in mediation and spiritual journey.

Selenite also brings mental peace and clarity, helps in clearing confusion and protects from all kinds of negative energy.

Metatron’s cube is a sacred geometry which provides a visual focal point for meditation.  It is a 2 dimensional geometric figure made by arranging 13 circles and then joining the center of each circle to the center of all other circles with a straight line.  The 13 Spheres represent the 13 archangels, energy centers and sacred keys of creation. It can also be considered a sigil which opens road to heaven.

This charging plate can be used for Reiki healing and grid making.


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