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Akshar (अक्षर) - Something that cannot be destroyed, Imperishable ( जिसे नष्ट नहीं किया जा सकता )
Akshar (अक्षर) - Something that cannot be destroyed, Imperishable ( जिसे नष्ट नहीं किया जा सकता )

Puja/ Energization or Activation of Astrological and Spiritual Products

Gemstone is a powerful vedic stone which can help you change your negative energy into positive energy and activate your chakras. Similarly Rudraksha also supports to enhance your spiritual growth. To take full advantage of spiritual and astrological products such as gemstone, rudraksha, yantras, etc. and get utmost benefit out of it one should always activate, clean and recharge your product to preserve the power and benefits that each one holds. There are many ancient ways to keep seeds and stones healthy, and below we are listing some of the well-known techniques we use to activate or energize astrological products, seeds, yantra and gemstones.

Basic Puja/ Energization

Basic puja or energization or activation of any astrological product is carried out by our expert astrologers and experienced brahmin pandits. There are many ways to perform basic energization of seeds and stones and our pandit decides the best way to energize these products based on its type and weight. For an example some of the rudraksha and gemstones can be washed with Ganges water but for some we may need essential oil and/ or salt. Some gemstones are directly placed on Himalayan salt lamps to energize. This is a very safe way of cleaning a pearl, or other delicate or organic stone, for an extended period of time. Sometimes pandits also prefer to place any astrological product out before nightfall and plan to bring it in before 11 a.m. This allows product to bathe in the light of both the moon and sun.

We offer basic energization for all spiritual and astrological products for FREE. Please select Basic Energization option on product page to avail this optional feature.

Vedic Puja

With the help of one of the qualified priests also known as pandit we perform certain puja on spiritual and astrological products. Puja is always performed on the appropriate day of the week for every product. For an example pearls for the Moon are blessed on Monday and ruby gemstone for the Sun is blessed on Sunday. Pandit energizes these stones by chanting some planetary vedic mantras.

Typically, there are 16 steps involved in conducting vedic puja of any astrological product. Puja is carried out at our office and is always done in presence of vedic pandit or priests who have been rigorously trained for doing that. All puja processes are followed systematically to ensure that holiness and purity are maintained and that the blessings reaches you.

We offer vedic puja for most of our products at a nominal price of Rs 1,100/-

Prana Pratishta Puja

Similar to vedic puja there are different steps and mantras involved in conducting prana prathistha puja. This Puja is also carried out at our office or may be carried in a nearby temple upon request and is always done in presence of an expert pandit or priests who have been rigorously trained for doing this kind of puja.

This puja in comparison to vedic puja is more effective and stronger because this not only involves mantras or rituals but object is consecrated through life energies as well.

We offer Prana Pratistha Puja for all of our products at a nominal price of Rs 2,100/-

Please reach out to us at support@aksharbhakti and we would be happy to answer all your questions on energization of astrological and spiritual products.